24 May 2006

Poetry Thursday: Portrait Sitting

Here we are together again for another Poetry Thursday. I couldn't follow this week's suggestion, so I wrote a poem of my own. I haven't written poetry in years, so this is a bit rough. It feels less like poetry and more like a statement of fact because I just had this portrait sitting on Tuesday. If it is in me to get better, perhaps Poetry Thursdays will help.

Portrait Sitting

I'm seated in the church fellowship hall,
Trying to appear serene
While my husband
Sits ever so close behind me.
The photographer,
Not knowing that we rarely sit together,
Instructs him to move closer.
I am nestled in his arms,
His inner thighs grasping my outer thighs
As we squeeze together
To fit inside the frame of the photo.
We look like proper church folks,
Perfect for the directory.
The photo doesn't show
How much I want to throw him on the floor
And satisfy my desire for flesh upon flesh.

--Dani Sanders, 2006
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