31 May 2006

What I Like: mp3 Blogs

Wednesdays here at StCL are now "What I Like" days. Each week, I will share something that I enjoy. It may be a blog or podcast or a movie -- who knows?

This week I want to talk about a blogging genre called the mp3 blog. This is a blog devoted to sharing songs that the author wants to highlight. Each post has some commentary about what the song means to the author and there is usually a link to the actual mp3 in the post. I'm not sure about the legality of that last bit, but it does make it more convenient to listen to the song right away. Most of the blogs have the standard disclaimer about linking the songs for sampling purposes only, and a few go a step further by only leaving the link up for a limited time.

One such blog that I've been enjoying lately is (sm)all ages. The subtitle of this blog is "Because no one should have to listen to the Wiggles ever". The author, Clea Hantman, puts her emphasis on grown-up songs that are appropriate for kids. I've been checking out the posts for a week and there are usually two or three songs within a post that fit a theme. I've already gotten an idea or two for playlist to put together for my kids.

Here are some other mp3 blogs. I have had a chance to investigate most of them but with this list you can do a little exploring of your own!

The Rich Girls are Weeping
Said the Gramophone
Vain, Selfish & Lazy
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