04 September 2010

First Soup of the Season

Even though I have lived in NC for over 30 years, my body is still programmed to the schedule of my youth in NY for some things. A big one is the weather. In September, I expect kids to be wearing long pants and sweaters to school, and I start craving cold-weather foods like soup. Every day this week when I stopped in to get my lunch from Subway, I expected them to be offering broccoli soup. Alas, the only sides on offer were chips and apple slices. So I took matters into my own hands today and made chicken noodle soup for dinner.

I wish I could say I made it from scratch, but my pantry isn't stocked for real cooking. I used a soup starter by Wyler's called Mrs. Grass Hearty Soup. It says that you can eat it as a soup just by adding water, but I wouldn't recommend it. All you will end up with is broth because there aren't enough noodles and vegetables in the pouch to make a difference. It is best used as a seasoning base for your soup. All I had on hand was chicken breast, but the soup still tasted pretty good with tortilla chips crumbled in it. Next time, I would add some other vegetables like broccoli or some more noodles.

As the title suggests, this is only the first soup of the season. I plan on making at least one soup a week during the fall and winter. Right now with me working, the kids are eating hot dogs and sandwiches for dinner practically every night. I'm sure they would welcome having a soup waiting for them in the crockpot when they get home. I also have found that I consume fewer calories a day if I make soup one of my meals. Hopefully, this soup adventure will work out for everyone.
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