14 June 2006

Poetry Thursday: The Transformation

There is no suggested prompt for this week; the ladies over at Poetry Thursday have left the participants to their own devices. I was going to dig out another poem from my teen years, but that didn't seem right. I started participating in this to stimulate my creativity and posting a poem I wrote 20 years ago felt like a cop-out.
Today's poem was written as a submission to a sci-fi podcast. It is the first time I have attempted to write anything in that genre. I'm still not sure if I am finished tweaking it or if I am going to submit it.


This is not the world of my grandmothers.
This is not the world where female
Means only
Female is now the backbone
Of the new world order
And tomorrow I will be taking
What I have been bred to believe
Is my rightful place.

Tomorrow, in this world
Science will make me strong
Where God intended me to be soft.
Tomorrow, in this world
My senses will be heightened
But for duty, not for pleasure.
Tomorrow, in this world
I'll be ready to serve and protect
Rather than nurture and love.
Tomorrow, in this world
I will be cyborg
Where I once was woman.

But that's tomorrow.
Tonight, oh tonight.
I want you to touch me there
and there
and there.
Don't miss even one bit
Of my supple flesh.
Glide your tongue
Across parts of me
That will never be caressed again
And listen to me moan with delight.
Tonight, I need you to transform me
Into a lover
For the last time.
--Dani Sanders, Jun 2006
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