28 June 2006

What I Like: So You Think You Can Dance

Yes, So You Think You Can Dance is a reality show. Yes, it is on Fox TV. Yes, it was created by the same people behind American Idol. Please don't hold those facts against this show. I am ecstatic that there is dance on primetime television. Dancing with the Stars has the fromage factor, which is appealing in its own way, but I prefer to watch the newcomers dance. I think a show like this will inspire someone to get off the couch and shake her groove thang. I know it works for me.

Just in case you are interested, I am pulling for Benji and Donyelle. Benji is a good boy who started a charity for orphans in Mexico and Donyelle is representin' for all the thick girls. His main style is West Coast swing and hers is contemporary. They are both great dancers who pick up the new styles quickly and they have personality to spare.
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