10 November 2006

Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Course

That is what I feel like I need right now. I keep putting books on reserve at the library, but by the time ABM picks them up I'm not really interested in them any more. Most of my free time is spent on the internet, so I have gotten out of the book-reading habit. If you asked me, I would say that I prefer real books over e-books but my daily habits don't bear that out.

Why am I even talking about this? Because right now I am buried in reading material. Beside me on the bed I have a novel, a memoir, two how-to books, and a self-help book. Those came from the library. I also have a cookbook and a devotional I got from Book Mooch. When did I think I was going to read all of these books?

Perhaps my reading has gone the way of my knitting. In both cases, I like the idea more than the execution. Planning and research I can do all day, but it is the actual work that never gets done. I can understand that with knitting; with my wrist pain, it takes me far too long to knit anything bigger than a pair of socks. However, reading was once the biggest pleasure in my life. I never would have gotten through my nearly-dateless high school years without my radio and several good books. It makes me a little sad that I can't summon up the interest to get through a book these days.
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