01 November 2006

Need a time-waster?

Ostensibly, I am sharing this link with all of you so that you can enjoy a fun word puzzle: Funny Farm.  My real motive, however, is to get some help.  This is a word-association game, and you are supposed to solve it with your friends.  So far I have three other people working on it with me, plus I am using Google.  Still, there are a few blocks that are stumping me.  I could merge with some of the files I've found online, but I don't want all the answers at once.  Anyway, if any of you are working this puzzle, let me know so I can pick your brains!

If you haven't worked this puzzle before but decide to join me, don't be alarmed by the Cheating Attempt message.  It pops up occasionally but doesn't mean anything.  Just hit the "back" button on your browser and try again.   Happy solving!
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