28 May 2007

A couple more calendar contenders

While looking for reviews of Cozi, I ran across a couple more web calendar apps that I may try. One is 30 Boxes and the other is Calgoo.

30 Boxes is really a personal organizer. It may be strange that I would look at it when I just blasted Mediabee for trying to do too much, but the 30 Boxes calendar has a clean look that I think might appeal to ABM. It also claims to be very customizable and interacts with different facets of a person's online life such as Blogger and Flickr.

Calgoo drew my attention because it is compatible with Google Calendar. All of us have Gmail accounts, so I am curious to see if we can make the most of Google's web applications suite. Another plus is that this is the only calendar solution I've found so far that claims to work with Windows and Linux. This means that DJ wouldn't be left out if we went with Calgoo.
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