29 June 2007

A Blogger's Wake-Up Call

This evening, I read a blog entry about the update of Google Analytics. I had signed up for that service several moths ago but frankly, all the stats were confusing to me. After reading the article, I zipped over to check out the update. The new layout is easier for a inexperienced blogger to understand. I also have a better understanding of the terms, so I think the service will be more useful to me now.

Even with my limited knowledge of blog stats, one thing was very clear. I haven't had a visit to my blog since the first week of March. Not one. Not even by accident. Now I know that my writing has been sporadic lately, but I've posted at least 25 entries since the beginning of March. The blog hasn't exactly been stagnant, at least from my end.

Confronted with the fact that I haven't had any readers in three months, I am forced to reexamine why I am blogging.

--Is this blog an online diary for me? It might as well be, since no one is reading it.
--Is it a way to keep my family and friends apprised of the happenings in my life? I wanted it to be, but I have to face the fact that my real-life friends view technology as a tool and won't read blogs.
--Am I trying to promote myself or a product with this blog? Although I may try my hand at blogging for money some time in the future, I've never paid attention to keywords or put ads on this blog.

Will I keep blogging? Probably. Will I make changes to attract more readers? Probably not. There is something liberating in the knowledge that I will never be a high-profile blogger. Perhaps Google Analytics has cured me of my writer's block.
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