15 September 2007

Considering the Lap-Band?

This post was sponsored by JourneyLite

ABM has been researching weight loss surgery for over a year. Many of the sites he has visited look like they were created by kindergarten students. I know that any scam artist in his basement can create a professional-looking site and that isn't always a sign that the site is trustworthy. However, I think the opposite must be at least slightly true. I mean, if your business is successful, you should be able to hire someone to create a good-looking website.

Anyway, JourneyLite has a clean and easy-to-navigate site for their clinics. Even if you don't live near one of their facilities, you can still benefit from their site. They have a recipe section for those who have already had surgery, testimonials, and links to other helpful sites. I'll be directing ABM to this site soon.

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