21 September 2007

Fall TV Premieres: Getting Sucked In

I said I wasn't interested in the fall TV season. I'm still not. However, as the resident TV addict, ABM expects me to clue him in to new shows that he might like. So here I sit, programming the Tivo to record the new Bionic Woman pilot on NBC. He was a big fan of the original, and I know he will want to watch the remake. He doesn't even know it exists. Part of me says that he should do his own research, but who am I kidding? That's my role in this marriage; I do the research.

Now that I've started down the fall premiere road, I might as well check out what the other channels are offering. This is what I've added to the list so far:

Kid Nation
Bionic Woman

I used EW.com's Fall TV Schedule as my guide, and one thing I noticed is that there isn't much that I want to watch after 10p. I mean, none of the shows jump out at me, but at least in the 8p and 9p time slots I can find something that ABM might want to watch. At 1op there's nothing. There is also nothing of interest on Saturday. I know that is considered date night and programmers don't put their best on Saturday, but I usually find at least one show to watch. This year the networks have just given up; there is nothing but local programming and college football.

With such a light schedule, one might assume that I will turn off the TV and actually read a book or do something else. Well, that was my intention during the last fall TV season and during the summer TV season. It didn't happen. ABM is not a reader and he doesn't play video games; he comes home and plops down in front of the TV. So I am sure that he will find something to watch and I will get sucked into it. I predict the first show he will add to the schedule is Moonlight. It's got a vampire and we try anything supernatural at least once. Just wait and see; it's going to end up on my schedule.
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