27 September 2007

Trip anxiety!

Tomorrow is the first day of my big getaway with ABM. I would say that this is going to be my last post, but I will probably post a few more times before I go to sleep tonight. I'm so antsy that I'm sure I will be using my blog to vent!

Since this is such a big trip, I didn't follow my normal pattern of waiting until the last minute to prepare. I packed my bags, talked to the kids, did my shopping -- everything. Now there is nothing for me to do but wait. The waiting is making me anxious. ABM thought about taking today off but went to work instead. It was probably to get away from me! When I am anxious like this, I talk his ear off about all the things that could possibly go wrong. If I still had some packing to do today, the trip-related tasks would help calm me down. All I have left is to pick a knitting project to put in my purse and that won't take me long.

Now I understand why some people stay in their hometowns and never travel. It is difficult for me to enjoy myself when I am worried about every step of the trip. Right now, I'm worried about getting up and making it to the airport in time for the flight. Once the plane sets down at the FL airport, I'll be worried about finding our luggage. Then I'll be worried about how we will get from the airport to the hotel. You get the picture. Driving down to GA and camping out at my sister's house sounds like the ultimate vacation right now :-).
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