16 April 2008

Job-Hunting Rant

I do the majority of my job-hunting online. Most of the local openings are listed on Careerbuilder, so that is where I place most of my applications. They have a function called Saved Jobs, which I have just discovered is practically useless.

The idea behind Saved Jobs is that it saves a record of jobs that you applied for. Well, it saves the date but nothing else! This is useless to me because what I really need is the job description. If the job listing has expired, couldn't Careerbuilder leave the job description in my Saved Jobs file and disable the Apply Now button?

If you are wondering why this aggravates me so much, I will give you an example from this morning. I got a message on my answering machine saying that XYZ company wants to talk to me about the job I applied for online. The company name didn't ring a bell. I have been keeping my own list of my job hunting activities, and it showed that I applied to XYZ company on 13 Mar through Careerbuilder. When I went to Careerbuilder, the job had expired. I don't have any idea of the job description, the hours, or the location. I don't like to go into a phone interview without brushing up on the job. Grrr.

Now that I know I can't trust the job sites to track this information for me, I guess I will have to write it all down myself. It's not that big a deal, but it is frustrating to find out a month later that something I was counting on doesn't work.
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