30 August 2008

Just call me Soccoer Mom Tech Support

Today, in another attempt to avoid the packing that I need to get done by Monday, I went over to see LJ. In the course of conversation, it came out that she has no idea how to download or set ringtones on her phone. I wasn't totally suprised; she's told me several times that she wasn't tech-savvy. I've never used a Blackberry 8800 before, but I had faith in my internet research skills. It also helped that I didn't have to start completely from scratch because LJ had saved everything that came in her phone package. Sure enough, it took me less than 30 minutes to install the Blackberry desktop manager, find a site that offered free ringtones (Crackberry), and figure out how to set different ringtones for each of her contacts.

After I finished helping LJ and headed back to my house, it occurred to me that I've been functioning as some sort of "husband's helper". I've always helped our friends with their tech issues, but lately I've been helping women whose husbands are tech-savvy. LJ's husband works in IT! However, when he comes home, he doesn't feel like explaining the basics to his wife. I don't know as much as he does, but I know enough to do what LJ needs. I also tend to help women who just want it done. They don't to know how to set up XYZ software; they just want to install it, fix the settings, and then show them what button to click. Too bad there's no money in this.
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