22 September 2008

Mixtape Monday: What My Kids Are Into #1

I decided to use some of my kids' current favorites to compile today's mixtape. I've had this stuff running through my head for days, so I figured I'd treat (or torture) you guys with some of it, too. It didn't take much coaxing for them to give me their choices.

--DJ, my 10-year-old son, has been going through a bit of a Chris Brown phase so his picks are "Kiss Kiss" and "Wall to Wall".

--C2, age 11, is all about the Jonas Brothers right now. I think she enjoys the music more than the teen idol stuff because she and her sister make fun of the girls who have all the posters and such. Her picks are "Year 3000" and "Love Bug".

--C1, the older of the twins, also picked a Jonas Brothers song called "S. O. S.". Her other choice fits her more cynical side: "Potential Breakup Song" by AJ and Aly (or is it Aly and AJ?)

--M, my teenager, is in full movie music mode. I thought she was going to pick some of her beloved J-pop, but instead she gave me "A Little Priest" from Sweeney Todd and "Hoist the Colors" from Pirates of the Caribbean. It's kinda nice that at least one of my kids has similar musical tastes.

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