01 October 2008

Fat Friends, Season 1

I'm such a big fan of the show Gavin and Stacey that I've been searching for other shows that those actors have been in. That's how I found out about Fat Friends. The creators of Gavin and Stacey met while working on this show about a group of people who become friends while meeting each week at a weight-loss support group.

Fat Friends is a bit cliched but still likeable. The members of the weight-loss group are all different ages and demographics. There is the kid who is bullied because of his weight, the women whose size is part of their ethnicity, and the marriages that suffer under the strain of the spouses' perception of weight. There's also mother-daughter weight drama and the demonizing of the weight loss industry. Even though the plotlines are familiar, there is enough of a twist to hold my interest.

Fat Friends was on the air for four seasons, but NetFlix only has the first one. I knew that when I rented it, but I didn't expect to get hooked! The season one finale wasn't a cliffhanger, but knowing that more episodes exist makes me want to see what else happens to these characters. I'm not one to buy DVDs, but I am tempted to hit eBay or Amazon and search for the rest of this series.
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