06 October 2008

Mixtape Monday: Hip-Hop Honors

I find myself more attracted to hip-hop than I was in my youth, but I think my time to listen to it has passed me by. Either the rappers developed faster tongues or my ears have become duller. When I was a teenager, the rhymes had a slower rhythm and less slang. I could actually understand what the rappers were saying. Nowadays the rappers are too busy impressing each other for me to figure out what they are talking about. I guess it's true that modern music is meant for teenagers because they are the only ones who have time to listen to songs over and over to decipher the lyrics.

The Hip-Hop Honors are airing on VH1 tonight, so the channel showed a special about the 100 greatest hip-hop songs. I never thought of myself as a fan of hip-hop at the time that these songs were popular; I left that to my siblings and boyfriends. However, as I watched this show I found that I listened to a lot more rap in my younger days than I remembered. So today's mixtape is inspired by the rap of days gone by and my old ears :-).

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