08 June 2005

Podcast Talk: Geek Fu Action Grip

Exercise: 30 min. (Honey Kalaria)

Third exercise day in a row! What is my motivation? Let's just say that it takes flexibility and stamina to perform my "wifely duties" at peak efficiency. For some people, it's health concerns; I guess I'm just a bit more crass.

There are only a few podcasts that make me laugh out loud, and one of them is Geek Fu Action Grip. I'm attracted to this blog for many reasons. The presenter, Mur Lafferty, is a girl. Not only that, she is a geek girl which definitely appeals to a geek wannabe like myself. It gets better -- a geek girl from North Carolina who can write a witty essay. I have been listening to her for several months and she gets smoother and more relaxed from week to week. It's like rooting for the home team when I listen to her.

Ms. Lafferty's show isn't terribly long and doesn't have a set theme, like a gaming or music podcast. She shares tidbits from her life as a stay-at-home mom and freelance writer and then ends the show by reading one of her essays. They are all so good that I can't even pick a favorite. This is another show where the subject matter is so interesting that I don't miss the banter between two people.

As far as practical matters are concerned: the sound quality is good and Ms. Lafferty edits her shows quite a bit so that the listeners are treated to a smooth podcast. In the beginning she aimed for a 10-minute weekly show, but lately it has been stretching closer to 20 minutes. In my opinion, this is an improvement because she sounds less flustered and rushed on the longer shows. All in all, a good show to add to your aggregator.
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