25 March 2005

Knitting update

If you visited this blog between 4p and 6:50p EST, I apologize for the mess. I had to stop in the middle of posting my photos to take care of household stuff. Let's sally forth, shall we?

This is the Tennis, Anyone? vest from Minnowknits. I am not happy with the way the armholes stick up. They looked like that in the book as well, but the vest was baggy around the midsection as well so I just thought it was just too big for the model. After knitting it, I now realize that it is because the armholes are not shaped. Why didn't I notice this while I was knitting? DJ likes it, though, so I will not be frogging it.Posted by Hello

This is one of my Fix-It February projects. I knit this bucket hat in Takhi Cotton Twist last summer. It came out way too big but I still tried it on everyone I know, hoping in vain that it would fit somebody. I even washed it to see if any shrinkage would occur, with no luck. I should know better than to knit with 100% cotton. It hurts my hands so much that my gauge loosens up halfway through the project. Still, I keep trying because I love the crisp look and soft feel of the fiber. Perhaps a cotton-blend yarn would be less painful. Posted by Hello

Remember the loden green monstrosity that was also on my Fix-It February list (see the 08 Feb 05 entry to jog your memory)? Well, I have almost finished frogging it but I couldn't figure out what to make with it. The Grace sweater from Knitty was my top choice but I wasn't totally satisfied with that because I think that Grace deserves a softer yarn. Most of the modern patterns I found that called for sport weight were soft, fluffy creations. So I took a dip into my small vintage pattern collection. This sweater has already met with M's approval, so I will probably cast on some time this weekend.Posted by Hello
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