31 December 2008

DVD Wednesday: Kal Ho Naa Ho

M and I recently watched a Hindi movie from 2003 entitled Kal Ho Naa Ho. We haven't watched many movies from India, but I know from my reading that traditionally Hindi films have several musical numbers and melodramatic plots. I love musicals and don't mind a bit of melodrama, while M enjoys movies from foreign countries. I figured this movie would be a home run.

The plot involves a family that is suffering emotionally and financially after the father commits suicide. The MIL does not get along with her son's widow and doesn't like the youngest daughter. The widow is wondering how to keep the family restaurant afloat. The oldest daughter is just all around cranky. Into the neighborhood moves a light-hearted young man who works on improving their situation, never revealing that he has problems of his own.

I don't want to give away any more of the plot, but I will say that the movie has a bittersweet ending. Watching this with M has shown me that she really doesn't like movies with sad conclusions. I think I've been letting her watch too much Disney :-). I, on the other hand, thought this was the perfect tearjerker. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to relieve a little stress.
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