11 January 2009

I Got a Zune!

ABM got me a Microsoft Zune for my birthday! This is a brand-new Zune, not a secondhand/craigslist/eBay purchase. I have nothing against used game consoles and such; we wouldn't have half the digital goodies in this house if it weren't for pawn shops. I can't deny, though, that new devices give me a special little thrill.

If you listen to any tech podcasts, then you know that the Zune is often considered the red-headed stepchild of the iPod. Even though I became an iPod convert a couple years' ago, I still wanted to give the Zune a try. It has the same capacity as the iPod Nano, but it costs less and has an FM radio.

I'm hoping that the Zune will give me a plug-and-play experience similar to what I found with the iPod. I've been using my Palm Centro to listen to podcasts while at work. It is better than nothing, but it is a fiddly solution. I don't like the microSD card; it is awkward to remove from the phone and I've dropped it more than once. Do you know how hard it is to find a black memory card the size of your pinky nail on a navy blue carpet? I don't like having to download podcasts, open the folder for each podcast, and then drag-and-drop it to the card. I want to plug in my mp3 player and have it sync automatically. Bing-bang-boom!
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