22 February 2009

Online, yet close to home

I've been online in one way or another since 1988. Back then, I was fascinated with being able to communicate with someone who was in another state or another country over the computer. Watching the words that someone else typed in their home show up on my computer seemed like magic.

Lately, I find that I am going in the opposite direction. I find myself seeking out blogs and websites that originate in my area. It started with my interest in gardening. The art of growing vegetables can vary widely even within the same state, so I wanted to find bloggers who are gardening in my part of the state. I haven't found any yet, but the search has led me to other types of blogs written here. For instance, I found a cool blog written by male librarians ("guybrarians") called Boys Rule Boys Read. DJ has turned into a voracious reader, but he still gets most of his reading suggestions from me. I welcome any help in providing him with cool reading material, and the fact that the authors work in the Charlotte library is a bonus.

Other than my gardening example, I'm not sure why I want to find local bloggers. I'm not the type to go out to meet-ups or anything. Perhaps I like reading local blogs and websites because they give me that local newspaper vibe. We don't subscribe to our local paper, but I'll pick up a copy once every couple months and I am always surprised by the variety of activities going on in our area that I was aware of. I'm hoping that reading local blogs will provide me with community information without the pain of battling my natural shyness.

QUESTION: Do you pay attention to where the authors of blogs live? Do you have favorite blogs written by people in your area?
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