02 July 2009

Less Twitter, More Blogger

After two years of almost daily Twitter use, it has occurred to me that Twitter and Blogger do not coexist well for me. More accurately, my life is not exciting enough for me to post on Twitter and Blogger. I have three blogs and if I post on them several times a week, I have nothing to talk about on Twitter other than what I'm eating. Since meal tweets are apparently uncool now, that leaves me with no content. The reverse is also true. When I was tweeting all the time, it took a lot of creative energy to compress my thoughts to 140 characters. That didn't leave much in the tank for me to draw from when I wanted to post to one of my blogs.

This doesn't mean that I am abandoning Twitter altogether. Now that the service has gone mainstream, many TV shows and products have Twitter accounts that give useful alerts and inside info. So instead of using Twitter as a pseudo-chatroom where I have conversations with my online friends during the day, it has become a source of entertainment as I read spoilers from TV Guide or whacked-out tweets from actors like Kirstie Alley.

I believe that my blogging has improved now that I'm not tweeting several times an hour. This pleases me because I feel guilty about having my blogs sitting on a server somewhere, never being updated. In my fantasy, there are readers out there checking their RSS feeds daily and moaning, "Oh, man! Dani hasn't updated yet." Far be it from me to make my imaginary rabid fans suffer :-).
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