23 August 2009

Welcoming the Back-to-School Routine

Even though I'm concerned about being unemployed and how it is affecting our budget, I have to say that I am ready for the back-to-school routine to begin this week. I know that sounds crazy because I've always said that I like the lazy days of summer, but I've come to realize that I need structure that is imposed by an outside force.

Last time I was out of work during the school year, I got into a good routine that allowed me to fit in reading, crafting, cooking, and cleaning. I even managed to maintain my weight, even though it was a higher weight than I would like. Being unemployed this summer was nice for a few weeks, but then I couldn't seem to pull myself together. I've gained 10 lbs, the house is a mess, and I haven't accomplished much beyond job hunting. I can't get motivated to do much during the day and then I can't sleep at night because I haven't done anything to tire myself out. I'm looking forward to getting everyone out of the house in the morning and having an evening deadline for my housework and cooking.
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