20 September 2009

Vacation Time!

Yes, it is that time of year again. ABM and I are going on another cruise, this time for a whole week without the kids. By the time this is posted, I should be on a plane to Fort Lauderdale.

As usual, I'm trying to beat down my guilt about going. I can't help feeling that there is somebody out there judging us for going on a trip when I have been unemployed since June. To combat that negativity, these are the things I tell myself:

--We don't treat ourselves to anything during the year, so this is the equivalent of a year's worth of date nights.

--Cruises aren't as expensive as people think. We couldn't afford the same accommodations, food, and activities at a stateside resort.

--ABM works hard and looks forward to this one trip all year. Why would I want to ruin it for him?

There. I feel much better now. Bring on the sunshine and the blue water!
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