30 October 2009

Sometime I Worry About That One

M was all excited about wearing her Halloween costume to school this morning. I asked her if she was sure it was OK to wear it, since a lot of schools are cracking down on the practice. She said it was fine as long as the costume wasn't too elaborate or distracting. She dressed as a black cat: ears, tail, bow tie, black dress, and whiskers drawn on with eyeliner. She looked adorable.

Imagine my dismay when I dropped her off at school and saw that NO ONE had dressed up. I guess high schoolers take themselves too seriously to do such a thing. To her credit, M didn't seem bothered at all, but I felt awful for her. The good thing is that she can pull off the ears and tail and still look normal if she starts to feel self-conscious.

I'm always worried about M fitting in. She has such a sunny disposition and she acts as though everyone is her friend. I'm concerned that people are really laughing at her behind her back, especially when she does stuff like dress like a six-year-old on Halloween.
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