18 December 2009

Adventure with a Broken Foot

Broken foot

My big adventure today was getting breakfast. I could have asked the kids or ABM to get me something before they left, but I simply can't face food before 8a. So I had to summon up the courage to do it myself. That may not sound like something that takes courage, but I can feel my foot swell as soon as I take it off the bed and it hurts every time I let it touch the floor. With that in mind, you can see why I say I had to find courage to hobble downstairs for food.

New Message

My intention was to only get a cup of coffee, but once I hit the kitchen I knew I didn't want to have to go back down the stairs for a while. So I put a bunch of stuff in a plastic container -- banana, chips, sausage and egg bagel, coffee, apple juice, and a bag of frozen peas with which to ice my foot. Then I took myself, my crutches, and my container and crawled up the stairs. Success! While I was up I also got dressed, straightened up my bed, and put my other essentials within reach (laptop, mobile phone, TV remotes, and books). This took the last bit of energy I had; trying not to put weight on my right foot tired my left leg out pretty quickly.

I'm proud of myself for being able to do what I needed to do without asking for help, but here's the kicker: as soon as I got back upstairs and settled in, the school called and said that they were dismissing the kids at 12n due to bad weather. I could have skipped breakfast and waited for the kids to get home and do it all for me!
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