21 December 2009

Beelzebubs' Cover of "Right Round" on The Sing-Off

The finale of "The Sing-Off" is tonight. NBC showed a perfect sense of timing in scheduling this talent competition. Fox's dramedy musical "Glee" is riding high on good buzz right now, so slipping this show in while people are still jonesing for show choir goodness was a smart move. You can go to Hulu if you are interested in catching up on the competition thus far. There have only been three episodes so it won't take you long.

I am rooting for the Beelzebubs from Tufts University to win. I've been a fan of college a cappella for several years and I am glad to see a college group in the finals. I picked this performance to post because I find the incongruity of preppy white boys doing hip-hop to be entertaining. The expression on the lead singer's face kills me! Go Bubs!
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