29 December 2009

Time to Catch Up on my Brit TV; TNT's Mini Holiday Season

--One of the great things about the BBC is that they still have fresh TV and radio content over the holidays. When someone tweeted about the Doctor Who Christmas special, it reminded me that I have fallen behind on my Brit TV. Since I have to be off my feet, anyway, I've lined up a list of faves to watch:

The last three Doctor Who specials
The third and final season of Gavin and Stacey
The third season of Skins

--TNT seems to be taking a page from the BBC's book. They gave us three new episodes of The Closer and Raising the Bar. They also premiered a new series that didn't take a break this month, Men Behaving Badly. I'm not sure how these episodes did in the ratings, but we watched them. I'd be willing to bet that other people did, too. There is only so much bonding you can do over the holidays before people start reaching for the remote. That's why video stores are open on Christmas day.
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