20 February 2010

Still Trying to Hang with the Cool Kids

Last night I had dinner-and-movie night with two girls from my Bible study group (who shall be referred to here as Maestra and Cherry). This is the second time that we've done this and we had so much fun we decided to make it a monthly event, to coincide with their guys' poker night. I'm older than both of them (Maestra is in her early 20s and Cherry is about 31), but I'm so grateful to be included that I feel like the younger sister who has been allowed to tag along. Isn't this feeling supposed to go away when you grow up?

Part of my insecurity comes from the fact that these gals are both beautiful, manicured, and stylish. I usually feel younger than my 43 years, but with them I'm more like a dumpy woman desperately trying to hold onto her fading youth. When we are together, I am acutely aware of my bad teeth, my ill-fitting clothes, and my lack of control over my new natural hairstyle. They are also much better housekeepers than I am, so there is no chance that I will ever be playing hostess for movie night!

Luckily, my age and knowledge do allow me to make a contribution to our unlikely trio. Maestra and Cherry are trusting me to pick the movies we watch. With my love of the classic and the quirky plus my affinity for research, I will be able to broaden their horizons. They've already gotten their first taste of Bollywood because of me. I enjoy being on the teaching end of an experience; it doesn't happen often enough in my life these days.
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