27 September 2010

Could it be that I've lost interest in "Mad Men"?

Last week it hit me that I was three episodes behind on the current season of Mad Men. I got behind at the beginning of this season, too. This is strange because I never piled up unwatched episodes in past seasons. I looked forward to each episode so much that I usually didn't wait for the DVR to finish recording it; I let it record long enough so I could fast-forward past the adverts and then I would jump right in. With this season, though, once I got past the first two episodes, I felt a strange reluctance to watching the show. I even deleted three episodes from my DVR to make room for other shows, telling myself I would pick them up on demand later.

What is wrong with me? This is the only show that gives me my early-1960s eye candy. Why am I avoiding it? I think perhaps the direction the show is going it right now is bothering me. I'm not kidding myself. Mad Men has never been a light, Doris Day-esque show. This season, however, the drunk barely-in-control Don Draper is uncomfortable to watch. There have been a few scenes where he has come so close to hitting on girls too young for him that I thought to myself, "If he tries to pick up this girl, I'm not watching this show any more." The descent that Don is taking is like watching a plane taking a nosedive; you keep watching and praying, "Pull up! Pull up!"

Are there any Mad Men fans out there that are up-to-date on the season? I don't want any spoilers (I've only watched episodes 1-6) but if there are signs that Don Draper is pulling out of his spiral, I'd like to know. I don't want to give up on my favorite show.
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