22 December 2010

December Charity Project: Not Exactly a Success

In case you were wondering, I haven't given up on my charity project. I did, however, overestimate how many items I could finish in a month. I'm still working on my first sweater. Yes, you heard me -- I haven't finished anything yet. Banging up my wrist made knitting painful for several weeks. It wasn't until this week that I was able to work on the sweater again without pain.

Rather than give up on the project, I will extend it. I made up the rules so I can change them, right? I'm going finish this sweater, which is at 50% completion now, then make booties and a bonnet to go with it for a complete layette. After that, I plan to turn my attention to making some items for my family. I know that isn't exactly charity, but 95% of my needlework projects over the past 10 years have gone to someone other than my family. I think I owe them a little knitty love for putting up with me!
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