05 March 2011

Adapting to my energy level

This was not one of my proudest moments. All I wanted today was for one of my kids to step up and volunteer to shred the chicken for dinner. This request was met with silence. The next thing I knew I had locked myself in the bathroom and was bawling my eyes out. I've tried explaining to them that I am more tired these days, but kids are kids and they have a right to expect me to be a proper mum. To them, a proper mum puts a real meal on the table every night. So after I calmed down, I went downstairs and cooked dinner myself.

I guess it is a good thing that this is the time of year when I get the urge to read books geared toward homemaking. Right now, I have books on once-a-month cooking, home improvement, and starter gardens. This isn't the first time I've tried to streamline the way I run this house, but with my MS medication making me more fatigued than usual it is even more urgent to me to make my tasks easier. I'm hoping that I will find some tips in these books that will help lessen my stress as well as the time I have to be on my feet so that I can get some more rest.
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