03 March 2011

No, I Can't Walk With You

For the past year, the majority of my exercise has come from taking a walk during my lunch hour at work. I tried not to make a big deal out of it, only telling my two office mates. Unfortunately, the women in the other offices have noticed and one of them has asked to walk with me. If I say no, I will appear rude but I really prefer to walk by myself.

Most people would welcome a walking partner, but not me. First of all, I don't walk very fast. It feels fast to me but anyone who has tried walking with me has felt obligated to slow down. Second, I have a mini freak-out about 10 minutes into a walk when my legs start to go numb. Rationally I know that the feeling is going to come back into my legs after about five minutes, but I don't want anyone around to witness the panicked look that always comes across my face. Third, I hate exercise so much that I have to distract myself. Talking to a virtual stranger would not do it; I need to block out the world with music or podcasts on my mp3 player to get through a walk, especially after the 10-minute mark.

Walking at work was my best option. I'm not a morning person so I've never been able to develop that 6 AM treadmill habit. If I jump on the treadmill right when I come home from work I could get it out of the way, but these days the MIL camps out in my den and watches the evening news so that's out. Lunchtime really is the best time for me to exercise, but I guess I'll have to give it up.
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