29 June 2011

Why I hate bathing

No, I don't really hate bathing but that is an eye-catching title, don't you think? Anyway, my neighbor HK posted a blog entry about how much she loves to swim. It made me think once again about my love/hate relationship with water.

I can go years without getting anywhere near a swimming pool, and on our last cruise I never even jumped in the ocean. Why? The feeling of warm water rushing over my body in a shower or floating in a large body of water is lovely, but then there is the aftermath. It may sound strange but I hate dealing with all the necessary tasks that come after being wet. Washing my hair feels good, but then there is the detangling. Taking a bath or shower is nice and of course I want to smell good, but do you know how much time it takes to towel off and moisturize a buxom gal like me? Swimming is glorious, but then I have to deal with the hair and the toweling off PLUS pulling myself out of a wet suit. If I happen to be on a cruise, I have to do all of that in a tiny cabin and quickly because we usually want to rush off to dinner or a show. Ugh!

My perfect scenario would be to swim naked and lay on the beach to air dry. Oh, and I would need a handsome manservant to apply the moisturizer after. Since I'm fantasizing, I'd also like curly hair that dried without tangles, thank you!
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