16 September 2011

New knitting project: Lanesplitter

I'm dealing with the MIL being in hospital and pre-vacation prep, and what does my crazy brain say? "I MUST cast on a new knitting project!"  None of the hibernating patterns in my closet struck my fancy as something I wanted to carry on a cruise ship with me. Also, I have become enamored of the idea of knitting myself a skirt; it seems like such a retro thing to do. So I'm casting on the Lanesplitter skirt from last year's First Fall edition of Knitty.

How this skirt is going to turn out is debatable. When checking Ravelry, I couldn't find anybody who had knit the skirt in Red Heart yarn, which is what I'm using. Oh, well -- if it turns out to be an ill-fitting disaster, I can always turn it into a pillow! I'll share progress pics soon.
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