28 February 2012

On Revving Up the Blogging Machine Again

You may have noticed that I have been posting to this blog more frequently lately. I have also started posting to my gaming blog and my book blog again, and there is a good reason. My current job will be ending on 30 Jun. It is a job that was funded with federal stimulus money, so there is very little hope of an extension. I briefly had hopes of taking online courses from the local community college to shift myself away from secretarial work and more towards an IT career. One look at M's tuition bill brought me back to reality.  So last week, I started turning my attention back towards my blogs.

Those of you who have been longtime readers have been here with me before. When I'm unemployed, I tend to focus more on my blogs in a desperate attempt to make money. Of course, anyone who has tried to make money blogging knows that it is not an immediate source of cash. That's why I am handling it differently this time. By starting earlier, while I still have a steady paycheck, I hope to approach blogging more calmly and produce more quality posts.

Of course, I'm not pinning all my hopes to blogging. A discussion that ABM and I had a few months ago made something click in my brain. We need to cobble together a few small sidelines to provide our income rather than looking to one source. With that in mind, I am also looking at other work-at-home opportunities. I'm 45 years old -- what a time to finally discover an entrepreneurial spirit!
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