13 June 2013

Prepping for fall semester already

One thing I didn't realize before I signed up for classes last fall is that when you are in college, it is on your mind year-round, even during your summer vacation. This fall's semester doesn't start until 19 Aug, but I had to register for classes today (13 Jun). My college has a staggered registration process so I wasn't allowed to officially sign up for classes until two days after the first registration date. That is relatively early compared to other students, but there were still a lot of classes that were close to being filled. Luckily, I was able to get into all the classes I needed except one.

Signing up for classes wasn't without its frustrations. Even though the class information was available online, the bookstore info and financial aid info was not. It would have been nice to have all that info at the same time because I'm trying to fit the cost of tuition and materials within my financial aid allotment. Until I get another job, handling an overage will be tough.

This fall, we will actually have three college students in the family. M will be starting her junior year at Mars Hill and C1 will doing dual enrollment at the same community college I am attending. At least C1's tuition will be free, which is a relief.
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