25 June 2013

Thoughts on summer TV viewing

Last night I watched the premiere of Under the Dome, a new CBS summer series based on a novel by Stephen King. Everyone is trapped in a relatively small space and they all have secrets that could potentially piss each other off. ABM liked it but I can already tell that it is too tense for me. TV scenarios like this make me squirm. There is only one mystery in the show that interests me, so I will probably let ABM fill me when they finally solve it.

Shows that don't make me squirm are the roster of USA Network originals. ABM watches practically everything on their schedule, but my favorites are Necessary Roughness and Royal Pains. The USA shows have been criticized for being fluffy and without substance, but I like having a few shows on my viewing list that aren't trying to be edgy or push the envelope.

Besides the USA shows, summer wouldn't be complete to me without a few reality shows. A new one we've picked up, The Hero, has the vibe of Survivor except no one gets voted off. One that I am watching without ABM, Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas, is a perfect way to remind yourself that your spouse's little annoyances could be so much worse. Then of course there are the competition shows that are summer staples: So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent.

At this point, you may be saying, "Too much TV! Go outside!" I'm working on doing that more, but as long as the outdoor temps are in the 80s I will be staying inside in front of my television.

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