04 August 2013

Another Roast Chicken Sunday

This is my third Sunday in a row making roast chicken. Since I still haven't gotten over my onion obsession, I altered the basic recipe a tad by stuffing a quartered onion in the cavity. I'm also going to stray from my usual plan for the leftovers. Instead of chicken and rice soup, I'm going to make chicken fried rice on Monday. My kids love Asian-inspired dishes, so I'm sure they won't mind.

Roasting a chicken may seem like a modern foodie thing to do, but it fits in with my retro sensibilities. Can't you see me with an apron on, bringing that chicken to the table? I want to reach back to the past and find out how housewives back then provided for their families. I know everything wasn't perfect then, but it seems that getting back to basics would be better for our health and our bank account.

In the early years of my marriage I fought to split household tasks equally, but the older I get the more I want to be "wifey". That doesn't mean I want my husband to make all the decisions and ignore my input; I'm not reaching that far back into the past. What I want to do is put my talents and interests to work in creating a comforting home, especially at this point in our lives when I have more time than money on my hands. What could be more "wifey" than getting two or even three meals out of one chicken?
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