01 January 2014

My 2014 is hitting the ground running

Even though the twins and I have birthdays in January, this is not usually a hectic month for me. December is when ABM and I stress out over what gifts to buy for Christmas, and we talk through what to do about the January and February birthdays while we are at it. By the time 01 Jan rolls around, our minds are on school starting back. The kids may have things going on at school and ABM may have worries at work, but my personal stress ends 25 Dec and usually doesn't show up again until school lets out in May. For me, this year will be a little different.

First off, there is a chance that I may have found a job. Actually it is more than a slim chance (like 95% of a chance), but I don't want to post much more about it now. I'm being superstitious and not wanting to jinx it before the paperwork is finished. However, I know that if everything goes as planned I will start working in two weeks. This job is totally different from my past jobs so I am understandably nervous about it.

Second, my spring college semester starts on 08 Jan. I only got into three of the four classes that I wanted, but as it turns out that may work out to my advantage. I carried a full course load during the fall semester and it felt like like a full-time job. Plenty of people work and go to school full time, but I'm not sure if I can. I'm glad now that I've given myself some breathing room with one less class, especially since one of my classes is precalculus.

Third, ABM and I are taking a little getaway next week. It may sound like an odd time for a trip, but with the new job I won't be able to go on the family vacation in September. Plus, it is my birthday next week, so when ABM suggested a getaway I didn't complain!

To other people, this may sound like a regular month. For a house frau like me, it is a busy schedule. Everything is good, but it is all new and I get a bit anxious when there are changes to my routine.  The good thing about being almost 47 is I've learned that a little anxiety is healthy; it keeps me on my toes. I've been through enough new experiences now to know that I will  be fine when I come out on the other side of this.
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