15 May 2017

Sunday Stitching: Fluffy Lap Blanket

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I'm trying something different with my needlework by using a schedule. Sundays are going to be for gift or charity work. I've always wanted to have a box of items ready to go for baby showers or last-minute Christmas exchanges, so that is what I will be working towards.

This first project for the gift box is the Fluffy Lap Blanket by Nicky Epstein. The pattern was published in the book Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick. The yarn is one that I have had for so long that it is now discontinued, Red Heart Symphony. When I received it as a gift from my husband and kids, I had no idea what to do with it; this was before Ravelry gave us the ability to search thousands of patterns online. On Ravelry, I discovered that this yarn and this pattern are a popular combination for making lap blankets for teachers and frail relatives. I'm hoping that the pattern will work up quickly!
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