30 January 2002

Rescue me! I am sitting here watching Jenny Jones! I knew if I stayed home long enough I would get sucked into watching trashy daytime TV. I keep turning away because I know it is rotting my brain, but I end up turning back again because there isn't very much you can do when you are sick in bed. Today's topic is the usual: "Who's My Baby's Daddy?", complete with shouting and DNA tests. Perhaps I better turn to the History Channel before I kill all my brain cells!

My throat still hurts but the swelling has gone down considerably. According to the doctor, I should no longer be contagious after today so ABM and the kids can come back home. I know it seems a bit extreme to quarantine myself from my family for strep throat, but my little one DJ gets very ill from things that hit the rest of the family lightly. In his young life, he has already contracted mono and RSV and had to be hospitalized several times. I think he has had strep throat as well, and I've heard that the second time you get strep is worse than the first. We are blessed to have a place like the MIL's house where they can stay in a situation like this.

I am SO ready to go back to work! It was a relief to get a break from customers complaining about their bills, but I miss my coworkers. Now I understand why my stint as a stay-at-home mom didn't work so well. I spent my teen years as a bit of a loner and crowds made me nervous, so I've always viewed myself as a non-social person. However, being at home with no one to talk to but four young children was a bit too much isolation. At my current job, I work with a fascinating group of young women who make me laugh and ponder different viewpoints. Also, for the first time in my working career I am not the youngest girl in the office relying on the wisdom of my more experienced coworkers. I get a chance to pass on a little wisdom for a change.
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