29 January 2002

If ABM doubted that I was sick yesterday, those suspicions should be cleared up now. When I got up this morning, I was so woozy I could barely stumble to the bathroom. I've been floating in and out of consciousness ever since. I haven't taken a Vicoprofen since 6a; you would think it would be out of my system by now. Anyway, my loving husband took the kids over to the MIL's house with him while he continues working on her kitchen remodeling project. He also bought me several cans of low-fat soup so that I don't put on a few pounds while I am stuck in bed.

With limbs that feel like jelly, I haven't been able to be very productive during my quarantine time. I did finish another crocheted cap for a coworker; that makes three I've made this month. The other projects beside my bed will have to wait until I can stop my hands from shaking, I guess. It's no fun to call in sick when you're really sick!

Yesterday must have been Beauty Pageant Day. After I watched Miss Congeniality, I flipped over to PBS to watch American Experience which happened to be about the history of the Miss America Pageant. It was a program that combined two interests of mine: pop culture and history. The changes in America's standard of Caucasian beauty was striking. The contestants in the 1930s and 1940s looked much more like the farmer's pretty daughters than the Barbie dolls in pageants today. It was touching to hear what the pageant meant to past winners. I was in tears during the segment about Bess Myerson being the first Jewish Miss America and how important it was to the Jewish community. It was also interesting to learn that the first Miss Black America pageant was held at midnight so that they wouldn't be competing with the big pageant for attention. I remember as a teenager thinking it was some sort of racist plot that my local TV station aired the Miss Black America pageant after the late night news; apparently I was wrong. I know that local PBS stations have different schedules, so if you get a chance to catch American Experience this week I would recommend it.

ABM is back home now so I better climb back in bed before he makes me help him clean the garage!

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