28 January 2002

Well, my coworkers called it --- I have a bad case of strep throat. When the nurse was testing me, she jabbed at my throat with the swab like she was trying to pop a balloon but I didn't get mad because I was just thankful that the office worked me in today. The doctor said that I am contagious until Wednesday, so I am sitting home alone while the rest of the family is at the MIL's house.

You would think I would be happy to be ordered to stay in bed for two more days. Unfortunately, ABM hasn't deposited his check yet so I couldn't stop by the store on the way home to fill my prescription or get anything soft to eat. Right now, I'm trying to swallow some creamed corn and wishing it was a bowl of soup. I know that he is working on the MIL's kitchen cabinets, but is it wrong for me to want someone to take care of me when I am sick? I can be such a man sometimes :-).
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