11 January 2007

Poetry Thursday: Untitled, 11 Jan 2007

I didn't follow the optional prompt this week.  Instead, I am sharing a poem that came to me while I was trying to sleep. Inspiration often comes knocking at midnight (my muse is apparently a night owl), but I usually ignore her because I have a 5:45a wake-up call.  This time I grabbed my Treo and typed out a poem with one thumb so that Inspiration would go away and let me sleep.  Here it is:

sister time stole my wardrobe yesterday
to save me from being ticketed by the age police.
the wristwarmers and hoodies,
the boho chic and the camo
all sit in my daughter's closet now
while i'm left with nothing but
a red hat, a purple blouse,
and the supposed confidence
that comes with being 40.

--Dani M. Sanders, 11 Jan 2007

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