03 July 2010

Should I Be Offended?

(This is a blog post written "in the moment". I haven't had time to analyze my thoughts, so I may be more rational about them tomorrow. This post is just part of my current attempt to blog without second-guessing myself so much.)

ABM just left with the kids to go see "The Last Airbender". We had already agreed that he would take DJ and one of his friends to see the movie as a birthday treat. At the last minute, ABM decided to take the girls with him, changing it from father-son bonding to a family outing -- a family outing without me. He didn't even ask me if I wanted to go. Should I be bothered by this?

To be fair, I most likely would have declined if ABM had asked me to tag along. I'm not interested in that particular movie and I think the 3D effect would be lost on me because I'm not sure that it would work with my glasses. It's just that a gal likes to be asked, you know? Sometimes I feel like I don't register on his radar as part of the family. I ask him to join us in playing Rock Band or Wii Fit or whatever the kids and I happen to be doing on Saturday. I know that he isn't interested in playing, but I don't want him to feel like I'm leaving him out of the family fun.

Of course, I could look at this a different way. I could say that ABM is such a good husband that he knows my favorite way to spend a Saturday is relaxing with a book or a movie after taking a long hot bath (the water is running right now!). Certainly I appreciate the quiet time, but I can't help but wonder if not being asked to go is a symptom of a problem in our marriage that I should be addressing.
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