30 September 2017

Prepping for a new month

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After a week of dealing with heavy fatigue (at one point, I could barely drag myself to the kitchen for food), I woke up today and was determined to get some housecleaning done, at least to the extent that my still-limited energy level would allow. While cleaning, I realized that tomorrow is 01 Oct, and you know me -- I love making a fresh start at the beginning of the week or the month. The first of the month being on a Sunday makes it a double whammy in my mind. There is also something about autumn that says "renewal" to me, probably because (at least here in the southern US) it is starting to cool off and tackling the bigger chores is easier to envision when we are no longer having 90-degree days.

So as I'm sitting down to rest in between chores, I'm preparing for the new month in various ways:

  • I'm reviewing the 30-day Foundation fitness program for beginners on HASfit. I've been doing their videos for most of September, but I fell off the wagon during the past week.
  • As you may be able to tell from the photo above, I'm prepping my October calendar in my bullet journal. When I started using it in December 2016, I didn't think I had enough going on to use a bullet journal. Now that I'm juggling classes, exercise, and stitching projects, I'm starting to see how the"bujo" can be useful to me.
  • I'm updating my SHE box. I stopped using it towards the end of May when I was feeling more in control of the housework. Unfortunately, that sense of being overwhelmed is creeping in again, so it is the SHE box to the rescue!
I've been exercising and using my bullet journal for over a month, which I'm taking as a good sign that I may be able to make these habits stick. Hopefully adding the SHE box into the mix isn't too much. 

Do any of you feel that sense of renewal in the fall? What do you do to make a fresh start for the month or the season?

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