31 January 2005

He's at it again

WARNING: there are pictures of me below. I caution you -- I don't wear makeup, I am 100 pounds overweight, and I have whiskers on my chin. If I didn't let myself go like this, you would all be blinded by the beauty that is me. As it is, I still possess a quality that takes men's breath away. If you want to close your browser now to protect yourself, I will understand. However, you would be missing the hat and scarf that my man actually knit for me.

I know that this is a goofy pose, but I was trying to recreate the look from those 1950s pattern booklets. Posted by Hello

This photo isn't the best, but it was taken by my 6-year-old son and shows off the scarf fairly well. Posted by Hello

ABM used one skein of charcoal Lion Brand Homespun and a Knifty Knitter loom (the green one, just in case you have the set). He only used half the needles to make the scarf and I talked him out of fringing it because LB Homespun doesn't make great fringe. The large yellow loom is supposed to be used for an adult sized hat, but the hat stretches and it fit me just fine.

My loving man did concede that knitting on the loom is relaxing and he understands why his coworkers churn out hat after hat. I'm afraid that I have scared him away from using two sticks and a string, however. He has watched me fret over my knitting so much that he can't imagine how it could be therapeutic at all. Perhaps I could start him out on a diagonal baby blanket and lure him in that way :-).
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