08 January 2007

Am I crazy or what?

Here's the deal. Last Tuesday, my left shoulder started aching. That was not unusual to me since I do data entry. I figured I could do a couple stretches and it would go back to normal on its own. Well, it didn't. The soreness turned into skin so tender to the touch that I couldn't stand to wear a shirt. Still, I thought it would go away. By Sunday night, the tenderness had spread into the left side of my chest and up my neck. At the point where it crossed my hairline at the nape of neck, it started burning/itching. It is just a two-inch long section but it is driving me nuts. I got no sleep last night AT ALL.

Why haven't I gone to a doctor, you ask? Well, we are in a financial bind right now and there is no money available until we get paid on Friday. ABM scraped up enough money for the office co-pay, but if the doctor prescribed something we wouldn't be able to get it until Friday. I decided not to go to the doctor. Am I crazy? I figured it didn't make sense to spend the money if I would still have to suffer until Friday. I took the day off work today, but if this isn't better tomorrow I will have a tough time doing my job.
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